Pet-friendly rental homes
If you are seeking a home that will allow pets, Luke Miller & Associates are always looking for landlords that would consider this option. We do have a small percentage of landlords that will consider this, though only on a long term lease.

The Lets with Pets campaign’s ambition is to change the position of many landlords and encourage them to consider this option as they state “With almost 12 million households owning a pet and the number of people privately renting increasing year on year, landlords can no longer afford to miss out on this growing part of the private rented sector.”

The site also has advice booklets for both landlords and tenants and can be found here:

If you have considered letting your property to tenants with pets,this may be an ideal opportunity to reduce rental voids and have retainment of tenants for longer. This broader section for advertising the homes availability may command a higher rent figure due to the lack of of homes willing to accept pets on the tenancy agreement.

It is also advisable that you meet and speak with the interested tenants about their pets prior to accepting, request a refrence from the previous. current landlord and also include a pet clause in the tenancy agreement for a higher deposit if there are any concerns about damage to your property.

When looking for a property that will accept pets we would always encourage that you leave your specific details with the office including:
What pets you do have and also how many, how long you have been at your current home, is your current landlord willing to write a reference/speak to a member of our team in regards to the condition/treatment of the pets and also property and finally, it is also recommended that you start you search for a property earlier as we are aware that this is a limited market.

For many of our current landlords that rent with pets, they are seeking long term contracts and may suggest that a twelve month rental period be sought so be prepared to consider this. Due to having pets, it is not uncommon for the deposits to be higher to reflect this and the terms of the agreement may be amended to include a pet clause and professional cleaning which the tenants will have to pay for on leaving the property.

We may not have the perfect home for you at the time of your visit though regular contact with Luke Miller & Associates does illustrate that you are motivated in finding a property which we always relay to the homeowner.